Our generation has grown up with school bags produced in series and sneakers on their feet. So I often envied the childhood stories where schoolchildren and teachers were preparing their leather satchels before school started and where parents were shining their shoes that they had worn for years, aged and magnified by time. Envied those who, by smelling this very specific odor, these schoolchildren who have grown up, bring tears to their eyes again in this universe of sweetness.

What is fantastic with leather is that it stimulates a lot of sense: sight, touch, smell ... it captivates and captivates us. This is why as soon as we had access to this noble material, we got into it with a real passion. We share this passion every day in our stores and this is how we make up for lost time ....

Our stores "L'instant cuir" exclusively distribute our entire range of products. and are located in Sarlat la Caneda in Dordogne and in Gourdon in the Lot. It is in Gourdon where we also have our creation workshop. Some pieces are made on site and our Via Vasco collection which is designed by us in our workshop in Gourdon is then made in India, handcrafted by craftsmen whose excellent technique of working with leather is no longer to be proven. We also work with some Italian manufacturers based in Florence in Tuscany.

Our products are specifically designed for you everywhere, all the time and in all weathers because leather has accompanied us since time immemorial!