All of our bags are handcrafted. Leather is natural and products that are too abrasive or too thick, such as shoe polish, are not suitable.

For the maintenance of your ViaVasco bag we recommend the use of a colorless moisturizer. Compound products without alcohol and neutral pH are preferred. So be sure to regularly moisturize your leather by applying a light and neutral product such as baby milk or a gentle makeup remover previously placed on a clean cloth. We always advise you to test your product beforehand on an invisible part of your bag.

Before carrying out the maintenance, first think of removing any dust which could have been deposited on your bag. To apply the care product, gently use a circular motion and allow the leather to dry gently.

When your bag is not in use, remember to put it back in its dustbag which will protect it from dust and the sun and preferably choose a temperate and humidity-free place. We advise you to regularly observe the leather of your bag to check that it does not deteriorate.

It is not recommended to deposit a perfume on the leather, and we advise you to avoid prolonged contact with water, and not to immerse it. When it rains, allow your bag to dry in a room at room temperature, away from a heat source such as a radiator or fireplace. For even faster and more efficient drying, you can also slip newspaper inside. Once dry, it is recommended to rehydrate the leather as described above.

If your leather gets stained, immediately try to remove the excess. For each task its product then do not hesitate to write to us at and we will advise you quickly.

The aging of the leather is natural and it is quite normal that after a certain time the skin relaxes and its color changes. This is how your bag becomes truly unique.